In the event your child has a dental emergency, please call our office immediately. Our answering service will contact us if the emergency occurs after regular office hours. You may reach the on-call pediatric dentist by calling our regular office number (757) 482-4777.

Please note that we share weekend on-call duties with a group of ten local pediatric dentists.



Emergency Protocol for Avulsed (knocked out) tooth/teeth

Permanent teeth only (Primary teeth are NOT reinserted)

1. Remain calm

2. Find the tooth/teeth

3. Handle the tooth/teeth by the top (crown) not the root portion

4. You may rinse the tooth/teeth but DO NOT clean or handle the tooth/teeth unnecessarily.

5. Try to reinsert it in its socket. Have the child hold the tooth/teeth in place by biting on a clean gauze or cloth.

6. If you cannot reinsert the tooth/teeth, transport the tooth/teeth in a cup of milk or saliva.

7. See a dentist IMMEDIATELY!! Time is a critical factor in saving the tooth/teeth. 



Here are some things to keep in mind during an emergency:

  • Please keep the traumatized area as clean as possible. A soft washcloth often works well during healing to aid the process.
  • Watch for darkening of traumatized teeth. This could be an indication of a dying nerve (pulp).
  • If swelling reoccurs, our office needs to see the patient as soon as possible. Ice should be administered during the first 24 hours to keep swelling to a minimum.
  • Watch for infection (gum boils) in the area of trauma. If you notice infection, call the office so the patient can be seen immediately.
  • Maintain a soft diet for 2-3 days, or until the child feels comfortable eating normally again.
  • Avoid sweets or foods that are extremely hot or cold.
  • If antibiotics or pain medicine are prescribed, be sure to follow the prescription as directed.


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