Reasons your child may need a tooth extracted:

  • Caries: Primary and secondary caries plus all sequelae including periapical abscess and failed nerve treatment.
  • Orthodontic: Tooth removed to prevent or correct malocclusion.
  • Trauma: Tooth extracted as a direct result of acute trauma.
  • Loss: Tooth extracted because of its mobility; time for exfoliation.
  • Over-retention: Prolonged retention of primary teeth.
  • Periodontal disease: Loss of function, periodontal abscess and pain.
  • General medical reasons: Prophylactic extraction.
  • Economic reasons: The tooth could have been saved but the patient found treatment too expensive.
  • Patient/parent request: The tooth could have been repaired, but the patient/parent insisted on extraction.

Some extractions may need a space maintainer.

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