Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are held in place by bands and cemented onto the teeth. If the bands or wire attachments become loose, please call the office for an appointment immediately. If not treated immediately, there is a good chance that the other teeth will shift their position and the appliance will not longer fit properly.

There may be some slight discomfort with the newly cemented bands on the teeth. However, these problems should disappear as soon as the tongue and teeth have a chance to adjust to the presence of a space maintainer.

Sticky foods, such as taffy, caramels, and chewing gum may loosen the cement under the bands. Therefore, patients should always AVOID such foods.

Bands and wires should be cleaned well to prevent irritation of the gums and supporting tissues. Periodic checks of this appliance are very important. Please keep your scheduled appointments.

Please click here for post-op instructions.